St Claudine Thevenet School

St Claudine Thévenet School 

opened on

28 January 2005.


This was the result of a merger 


St Matthew’s and St Patrick’s



The school is named after the 

foundress of the

Sisters of Jesus and Mary.

 So who was St Claudine?

30 March 1774

Born into a family of silk merchants in Lyon France. Glady, as she was known received a good education and was as a young girl the angel of her home.


She experienced the horrors of the French Revolution and saw the execution of her two brothers. She drew strength from the hearts of Jesus and Mary and forgave the executioners.


Her sympathetic heart was touched by the miseries of the aftermath of the Revolution. The objects of her care above all were children and young people who had been abandoned and did not know the love of God.


She responded to the call of God to join religious life. In

October 1818 she left home and dedicated herself to the young and in particular to those who were in the greatest need.


The work grew and developed under the direction of Claudine who spared nothing in order to make the children happy.


Under her care the children and young people developed fully and acquired the skills needed in order to face life.


In responding to her call Claudine, through her work with these children contributed to the task of making the world a better and therefore more beautiful place.


Claudine died 3 February 1837 aged 63.

Claudine was beatified 4 October 1981 and canonised

21 March 1993.

A tribute

Flavia FernandesA Tribute to St Claudine Thevenet
By Flavia Fernandes
Published on 24 Sep 2014